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Pension Plan

From the Directors of the Producer-Writers Guild of America Pension Plan

To All Participants

We are happy to provide you with this new Summary Plan Description ("SPD") that summarizes, in non-technical terms, the material features and benefits available under the Producer-Writers Guild of America Pension Plan ("Plan"), in effect as of January 1, 2013. All material changes and amendments to the Plan since the last SPD was printed have been incorporated into this booklet. Therefore, we urge you (and your designated beneficiaries) to read this booklet carefully.

Although this summary explains the Plan in a clear and understandable way, it is a complicated document, mostly because the Plan operates under a large number of precise and detailed rules. Some of these rules are mandated by the federal government and some represent plan design changes that have evolved since the Plan was established over 50 years ago. The Plan's rules, in some respects, are also intended to cover a wide variety of conditions which affect participants in a complex industry with many different working relationships.

With this in mind, it is important to note that no general explanation can adequately give you all the details of the Plan, and your full rights can be determined only by referring to the full text of the Plan document which legally governs its operation (as opposed to this SPD). As such, the SPD has no legal effect and, in the event that there is a conflict between this SPD and the official Plan document, the Plan document will govern. Accordingly, nothing in this SPD will modify or change the official Plan document, which is available for review online at or at the Administrative Office during regular business hours.

We also note that, generally speaking, the pension benefits to which you are entitled are determined under the terms of the Plan in effect when you retire (or otherwise terminate covered employment), unless otherwise required by applicable law.

Please bear in mind that only the Board of Directors ("Directors" or "Board") (acting as a full Board or, in some cases, through its Committees) have the sole and complete authority to: (i) interpret the Plan, (ii) make final determinations concerning its provisions including, without limitation, eligibility for benefits, and (iii) modify or eliminate any benefits as well as the eligibility requirements set forth under the Plan or as described in this booklet. Accordingly, information you may receive from the Guild itself or individual producers, employers, lawyers, agents, fellow writers, or others, should not be viewed as official positions or statements made from or on behalf of the Plan. Any information or opinion concerning your rights under the Plan, to be official, must be communicated to you, in writing, and signed on behalf of the full Board of Directors (or the appropriate Committee).

Every effort has been made to provide you with a clear description of the Plan in plain everyday language and we hope that you will find this booklet helpful. However, certain words and phrases may seem technical to you. If you still have questions about the Plan after reading this booklet, please call or write to the Administrative Office for assistance. In addition, please be sure that the Administrative Office has your correct current mailing address and if you have not designated a beneficiary, please do so now.


Board of Directors