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Health Fund

Plan Changes Or Termination

The Trustees intend to continue the benefits described in this SPD indefinitely. However, the Trustees reserve the right, in their sole and absolute discretion, to terminate the Fund in whole or in part at any time; to modify or amend the Fund in whole or in part; and to change or discontinue the type and amounts of benefits offered by the Fund and the respective eligibility rules.

You should also know the following about the benefits and eligibility rules for active, extended, retired, or disabled Health Plan participants:

  • They are not guaranteed;
  • They may be changed or discontinued by the Trustees;
  • They are subject to the rules and regulations adopted by the Trustees;
  • They are subject to the Agreement and Declaration of Trust that establishes and governs Fund operations; and
  • They are subject to the provisions of any group insurance policies purchased by the Trustees.

The nature and amount of Fund benefits are always subject to the actual terms of the Fund as it exists at the time a claim occurs. If the Fund is amended or terminated, it will not affect your right to receive reimbursement for eligible expenses that you have incurred prior to the date of termination or amendment.

Authenticity Audits

As set forth in the Eligibility section of this SPD (see pages 17-39), qualification for active coverage under the Fund is based on attaining and maintaining a specified level of covered earnings for work performed under a collective bargaining agreement with the Union. To qualify as covered earnings, the compensation reported to the Fund must have been paid to a covered participant for work that constitutes paid, covered work under a collective bargaining agreement between the Union and a valid contributing employer.

The Trustees regularly conduct authenticity audits to detect and prevent fraud, including intentional misrepresentation, and to ensure that earnings are reported and contributions are made to the Fund in accordance with the Trust Agreement, the law and applicable collective bargaining agreements. As a part of this effort, the Trustees may review any participant's reported earnings to confirm that they are covered earnings which should be considered in determining qualification for coverage under the Fund. Therefore, please note that the Fund may require you and your employer(s) to submit information to verify reported earnings for a specific period or periods of time. As part of such a review, the Fund may request documents including (but not limited to) copies of:

  • Applicable contracts for work performed;
  • Forms;
  • W-2 or 1099 forms tax returns;
  • Payment documentation for the covered work;
  • Royalty agreements;
  • Product; and/or work product such as scripts, including rewritten versions; or
  • Documentation to verify the production, sales or release of covered work, depending on the type of work.

If you receive a request to provide information in connection with a review and you have any questions, please contact the Administrative Office at (818) 846-1015.