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Health Fund

How To Become Eligible For Benefits

To be eligible for coverage that your employer or employers have funded through contributions based on your earnings (called employer-paid coverage), you must not only earn income for writing services (called covered earningsIncome for writing services covered by a collective bargaining agreement that employers report to the Fund.) covered by the 2014 Writers' Guild of America Theatrical and Television Minimum Basic Agreement ("MBA" or Basic Agreement). Your employer is required to make contributions to the Fund, however;

  • You must be paid enough to meet the covered earnings minimum for coverage within the appropriate time period;
  • Your employer(s) must report your covered earnings to the Fund; and
  • Your employer(s) must make full contributions to the Fund based on your covered earnings.
Verify Information Reported on Your Health Fund Earnings Statements

Health Fund Earnings Statements (aka Summary of Compensation and Contributions) are issued to participants with current earned coverage approximately eight weeks prior to the end of the earnings cycle. Since reported earnings can affect your qualification for benefits under the Funds, it is very important that you review your Earnings Statements carefully as soon as you receive them. You should confirm that your Earnings Statements reflect all the covered services you performed during the applicable time period. If you believe that they do not, or if you did not receive an Earnings Statement, but think you had covered employment during the statement period, notify the Administrative Office immediately to request an earnings review.

Eligibility rules for employees of eligible "Named Employers" (e.g., Writers' Guild-Industry Health Fund, Producer-Writers Guild of America Pension Plan, Writers Guild of America East and West, Writers Guild Foundation and the CBS Staff Group) require coverage (month-to-month) to commence on the first day of the month following a full month of staff employment and will continue until employment ends (subject to the payment of contributions).

Covered Earnings
Employer Contributions