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Health Fund

Extended Coverage Program

Not applicable to eligible Named Employers (e.g., Writer's Guild-Industry Health Fund, Producer-Writers Guild of America Pension Plan, Writers Guild of America East and West, Writers Guild Foundation and employees of the CBS Staff group).

Writer's Point System

You can extend your own coverage at no charge through the Extended Coverage Program. This is a program in which points are awarded to you based on your meeting the reportable compensation minimum to qualify for eligibility in your four-quarter personal earnings cycle in order to be eligible for employer-paid coverage. (See Summary of Benefits for more details).

You may accumulate up to 50 points to use toward future Fund coverage. The chart on the following page shows how points are awarded. For each four-quarter earnings cycle in which you earn employer-paid eligibility, you have the potential to be awarded up to three points.

If you have met the covered required minimum earnings for one (1) year of employer-paid Fund coverage during any earnings cycle ending on or after September 30, 1989, you:

  • Get 1 point;
  • Get a second point if you earned at least the applicable required second point covered during that earnings cycle; and
  • Get a third point if you earned at least the applicable required third point covered earnings minimum cumulative during that earnings cycle.

Extended Coverage Program Point Threshold Chart

Earnings Minimum for Second Point Earnings Minimum for Third Point Earnings Cycle Effective Date Earnings Cycle Effective Date Earnings Cycle Effective Date Earnings Cycle Effective Date Earnings Cycle Effective Date Earnings Cycle Effective Date
$100,000 $200,000   04/01/00 07/01/00 10/01/00    
$103,252 $200,000 01/01/01 04/01/01 07/01/01 10/01/01    
$106,089 $200,000 01/01/02 04/01/02 07/01/02 10/01/02    
$108,741 $200,000 01/01/03 04/01/03 07/01/03 10/01/03    
$111,460 $200,000 01/01/04 04/01/04 07/01/04 10/01/04    
$113,968 $204,500 01/01/05 04/01/05 07/01/05 10/01/05    
$116,534 $209,101 01/01/06 04/01/06 07/01/06 10/01/06    
$119,156 $213,806 01/01/07 04/01/07 07/01/07 10/01/07 01/01/08 04/01/08
$122,731 $220,220   04/01/08 07/01/08 10/01/08 01/01/09 04/01/09
$126,413 $226,827     07/01/09 10/01/09 01/01/10 04/01/10
$130,205 $233,631     07/01/10 10/01/10 01/01/11 04/01/11
$132,809 $238,304     07/01/11 10/01/11 01/01/12 04/01/12
$135,133 $242,474     07/01/12 10/01/12 01/01/13 04/01/13
$137,498 $246,717     07/01/13 10/01/13 01/01/14 04/01/14
$125,000 $250,000     07/01/14 And Beyond...

Note: Effective July 1, 2014, the covered earnings minimum on which the 2nd and 3rd points are awarded will no longer be increased based on any increase in the MBA minimum.

Currently the minimum for awarding the 2nd and 3rd point is based on the percentage increase per year in the MBA for a one-hour network prime time story & teleplay.

Points are awarded based on your personal earnings cycle and may not be carried over to the next earning cycle.

You have to accumulate at least 10 points to qualify for benefits under the point system. If you have accumulated at least 10 points and subsequently lose employer-paid eligibility, you will be notified that you have been automatically placed in the Extended Coverage Program. The Fund will send you a statement indicating the number of points you've accumulated, the number of points you've used and the number of points remaining available to you. Your coverage will be extended by using your points as follows:

  • 10 points for 4 quarters of PPO Plan coverage (total points reduced by 2½ points per quarter). Coverage includes mental health and chemical dependency, medical, hospital, prescription, vision, wellness, dental, life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance (AD&D); or
  • 6 points for 4 quarters of Low Option Plan coverage (total points reduced by 1½ points per quarter). Coverage includes mental health and chemical dependency, medical and hospital benefits only, with higher out-of-pocket costs.

(See the Summary of Benefits for specific information about your medical plan options.)

Applicable points will be deducted for each quarter you receive benefits until:

Note: If eligible, you are automatically placed on the Extended Coverage Program even if you qualify for other coverage. You may not waive participation in the Extended Coverage Program.

If you die, your surviving spouse (opposite or same-sex), Same-Sex Domestic PartnerAn individual who has submitted to the Fund an Affidavit of Domestic Partnership on a form provided by the Fund, along with supporting documentation, and who meets the criteria set forth in such Affidavit. Generally, for a partner to qualify, both the participant and his/her same-sex partner must acknowledge being in a committed relationship which has been in existence for at least six months. For more information, contact the Administrative Office. and/or covered dependent children can use your remaining points to extend their coverage. If you become eligible for Certified Retiree Health coverage, your points will be forfeited.

If you have exhausted your points under the Extended Coverage Program, you will be offered the option of purchasing COBRA The acronym for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 which allows for the purchase of coverage after loss of eligibility due to certain qualifying events. continuation coverage. (For information about COBRA, see "COBRA Continuation Coverage".)

Excess Earnings Extension (also known as the $250K extension) For Individual Writers

If you earn at least $250,000 in gross covered earnings in one earnings cycle but you do not earn enough in your next personal earnings cycle to be eligible for Fund coverage, the Fund will provide coverage for another year by dividing the $250,000 covered earnings Income for writing services covered by a collective bargaining agreement that employers report to the Fund. minimum equally between the two consecutive earnings cycles. If you do earn enough during the second earnings cycle to qualify for regular employer-paid coverage, you won't require the $250,000 extension. The extension can not be held in reserve for future use. The Fund automatically provides this extension so you do not need to take any action.

$250,000 eligibility extension will be coordinated with the points awarded under the Extended Coverage Program. First, you will be granted an eligibility extension based on the $250,000 extension and then, if necessary and if you have accumulated the required points, you will be granted eligibility based on your accumulated points.

Excess Earnings Extension For Bona Fide Two-Person Teams

The $250,000 extension provision also applies to bona fide two-person writing teams that meet the covered earnings requirement. Income earned as part of the team — not individual earnings — will be considered for eligibility. Team writers who do not earn equal amounts of covered compensation will not qualify for the extension unless their reportable amount divided between two years is equal to or greater than the amount required to qualify for coverage in each year.

This extension is not automatic. You must contact the Eligibility Department if you believe you qualify for the extension.