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Health Fund

Foreign Claims

If you receive medical treatment in a foreign country, you should first contact BlueCard World Service Center for access to medical assistance services and healthcare providers around the world (On the backside of your Medical ID Card, the phone number is listed under the title "Bluecard Worldwide").

For in-patient care at a BlueCard Worldwide® hospital that was arranged through BlueCard Worldwide Service Center, you only pay the provider the usual out-of-pocket expenses (non-covered services, deductibleThe amount you must pay for covered services in a plan year before the plan begins to pay benefits., copaymentA fixed dollar amount you pay for an eligible expense at the time the service is provided. and coinsuranceThe percentage of eligible expenses you're responsible for paying.) when cashless access is arranged. The provider files the claim for you. Otherwise, if you receive medical treatment in a foreign country, you must pay the provider fees at the time of service, and then submit a claim in English with invoices, any applicable medical records, and a statement with U.S. currency and currency exchange rate at the time of payment.

For outpatient facility and physician services or inpatient care not arranged through the BlueCard Worldwide Service Center, you will need to pay the healthcare provider directly and submit a BlueCard Worldwide International claim form with original bills and receipts to the BlueCard Worldwide Service Center.

If you live in a foreign country, your claims can be submitted directly to the BlueCard Worldwide Service Center for processing. They will handle the front-end processing of your claim by converting the foreign currency and providing any necessary billing translation. The claim will be electronically transmitted to the WGIHF for benefits determination.

International claim forms are available on our website here, or visit It is recommended that you always retain copies of the claim(s) you are submitting. Download pdf the Bluecard Worldwide International Claim Form.

BlueCard Worldwide Service Center:
1-800-810-2583 or collect: 1-804-673-1177

Each foreign claim filed with Bluecard Worldwide should include the following information:

Please mail all Foreign Claims to:

BlueCard Worldwide Service Center
P.O. Box 261630
Miami, FL  33126 USA