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Pension Plan

Pension Estimator

This Benefit Estimator is designed to allow Participants to estimate the benefit amounts under the various retirement payment options offered by the Pension Plan.

Use this estimator to familiarize yourself with the options and the amount payable under each option.

This estimator is for illustration purposes only and is not intended for financial planning purposes. The Pension Plan assumes no liability in connection with the use of this estimator. This Benefit Estimator does not constitute a guarantee as to the amount of your Plan benefits. As a result of the Plan's audits, the reported amounts on this Benefit Estimator may be found to be incorrect. In that case, or if any amounts shown on this Benefit Estimator are otherwise in error, the amount of your Plan benefits shall be appropriately revised. Other factors that may affect your Plan benefits may include a divorce, an audit of Employer Contributions, a terminated Defined Benefit Plan. There are other events not mentioned here that may also affect your benefits. Please contact the Pension Benefits Department for a customized estimate of your benefits.


In order to use this estimator, you must:

  • have a Pension Plan Annual Statement on hand,
  • have a copy of your Social Security Benefit statement, in order to get estimates under the Social Security Option and
  • fill in the required information.
  • It's easy! Your retirement benefit under each option available will be estimated!