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Pension Plan

Participation in the Plan

Many different employers participate in the Plan. In general, only employers with a collective bargaining agreement with the Union participate in the Plan. Participating employers are referred to as Employers. Participating employers also include the following (when required to contribute to the Plan):

As described below, in general, employees who perform writing services for these Employers will become participants in the Plan. In general, every employee will automatically become a Participant in this Plan the January 1 on or after the date when the first contribution to this Plan is required to be made on the employee's behalf by an Employer.

Once an employee is a Participant, participation will continue until death, retirement or, prior to 1998, a Break in Service, whichever occurs first, as more fully described later.

Special rules apply to non-collectively bargained employees of certain named employers (the Writers Guild of America, East, Inc., the Writers Guild of America, West, Inc., the Writers Guild Foundation, the Plan, the Writers' Guild-Industry Health Fund, and the Interguild Federal Credit Union (excluding any successor entity)). These rules are set forth in the Supplement to this SPD and generally describe the method of calculating pension benefits for the non-collectively bargained employees, the way in which such employees can accumulate Credited Weeks and the implications regarding part-time and temporary work for such employees.

There are also special participation rules applicable to other groups as provided in their Collective Bargaining Agreement. For example, the Plan excludes daily temporary employees of ABC who elect not to participate in the Plan in accordance with the WGA/ABC National Staff Agreement, staff employees of WGA/CBS under the CBS National Staff Agreement (except, effective January 1, 2011, those who were not grandfathered under the CBS Pension Plan component of the CBS Combined Pension Plan Collective Bargaining Agreement), and employees of Dreamworks who did not timely make an irrevocable election to participate.