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Health Fund

Plan Interpretations

The Trustees and their duly authorized designee(s) have the exclusive right, power, and authority, in their sole and absolute discretion, to administer, apply and interpret the Fund, including this SPD, the Trust Agreement and any other Plan documents, and to decide all matters arising in connection with the operation or administration of the Fund. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Trustees and/or its duly authorized designee(s) shall have the sole and absolute discretionary authority to:

  • Take all actions and make all decisions with respect to an individual's eligibility for, and the amount of, benefits payable under the Fund;
  • Formulate, interpret and apply rules, regulations and policies necessary to administer the Fund in accordance with its terms;
  • Decide questions, including legal or factual questions, relating to the eligibility for and calculation and payment of benefits under the Fund;
  • Resolve and/or clarify any ambiguities, inconsistencies and omissions arising under the Plan and the plan documents, including but not limited to this SPD and all updates thereto or the Trust Agreement;
  • Process and approve or deny benefit claims; and
  • Determine the standard of proof required in any case.

All determinations and interpretations made by the Trustees and/or its duly authorized designee(s) shall be final and binding upon all participants, beneficiaries and any other individuals claiming benefits under the Health Plan.

No individual other than the Trustees or their duly authorized designee(s) has any authority to make any representations or promises to you about the Fund or your benefits under the Health Plan, or to change the provisions of the Health Plan.